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How can digital health data be used to visualize the course of cancer treatment?
How can high-risk patients be identified early with the help of wearables in order to develop an individual treatment plan?
How can an automated early warning system be developed to protect patients from new infections and what ethical questions arise when using patient data?
How can microfluidic units be connected to smartphones in order to be used easily and inexpensively in diagnostics?

Our speakers will answer all of these questions and more:

  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Dieterich, Department of Bioinformatics and Systems Cardiology at Heidelberg University Hospital
  • Dr. Christoph Schickhardt, National Center for Tumor Diseases at Heidelberg University Hospital
  • Dr. Yuksel Temiz, Precision Diagnostics Group, IBM Research Europe (Zurich)


04.04.2021 - 15.04.2024

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