BioLAGO's EU funded TraceBot project presents the developers

TraceBot proudly presents the hidden heroes of our EU funded lab robot project: the developers. They are the smart heads behind the development of our lab robot with traceable action which will represent a quantum leap in the handling of liquid, sterile medicaments and which surely will make their production much safer and quicker.

Developing new medical and pharmaceutical products requires testing a large number of samples in the laboratory, a time-consuming process where manual procedures still predominate. In the TraceBot project, an international team of six partners from five countries is working to make this process faster and more efficient through laboratory automation using robots that can think.

Responding to new health threats, producing new vaccines, personalised medicine, performing all kinds of testing procedures - all these processes require systematic review, understanding of the correct execution of steps and verified completion of the entire task.

The goal of the TraceBot project is to develop laboratory robots that fulfil these tasks with verifiable traceability and are thus suitable for use in laboratory environments as well as other fields of application with high safety and flexibility requirements. To do this, they must meet both certain application needs and applicable regulations that regulate working in sterile environments. Among other things, these regulations require that each step in test processes must be documented so that an audit trail is created and traceability is provided.

Until now, robots have not been able to fulfil these requirements. TraceBot project addresses this challenge to find a generic, safe and efficient solution: Robots that can quickly adapt to new products and tasks, are safe and trouble-free in operation and meet the high safety standards of laboratory environments. Find out more about the project TraceBot.

BioLAGO is responsible for the entire communication, coordination and public relations of the project.

In the following video series "TraceBot HEROES - Meet the Developers!" you can meet the developers personally. A new video will be uploaded every week, so stay tuned for more to come on TraceBot soon!

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TraceBot HEROES #6: Dr. Torben Cichon

In the sixth part of the "TraceBot HEROES - Meet the Developers" series we are proud to introduce Dr. Torben Cichon to you. Torben works for the German project partner INVITE GmbH located in Leverkusen near Cologne. The company is a PPP of the BAYER AG and some Universities in Western Germany as Düsseldorf and Dortmund and bridges the gap between research and the applicability of the research's results in the pharmaceutical industriy.

Torben is part of Dr. Carl-Helmut Coulon's work package 1 team and as a true electronic and robotic engineer he is the perfect person to define the use case specifiication for the TraceBot and break down the action of a human being working on the glove box into what our TraceBot should be able to do in the lab and - on top - to make the different actions traceable. He also takes care of the industrial exploitation of the final system and its components for the pharmaceutical industry. Torben took his master in electronic and robotic engineering at the Technical University of Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) and holds a PhD in robotics and MMI (Man Machine Interaction) so he is a very valuable expert and member to the whole TraceBot team in the consortium as he has a profound knowledge on how humans and machines interact.

TraceBot HEROINES #5: Clémence Dubois

In the fifth part of our "TraceBot HEROES - Meet the Developers" series we are very proud to introduce you to Clémence Dubois who is one of the few heroines in the TraceBot project. We therefore regard her as one of our solitaires among the colleagues.

Clémence holds a degree from the French Engineer School and took her bachelor at the University of Nantes and crowned it with a research master degree from the University of Montréal, Canada.

Clémence is part of Dr. Mathieu Grossard's Work Package 2 team at CEA in France and, despite her young age, brings a lot of state-of-the-art laboratory know-how into the development of the multifingered gripper hand. Her work mainly contributes to the control of the gripper.

TraceBot HEROES #4: Dr. Jonatan Escorcia Hernández

In the fourth part of our "TRACEBOT HEROES - Meet the Developers!" series you will get to know Dr. Jonatan Escorcia Hernández from our French project partner CEA (Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique et energies alternatives) who are the experts in developing the multifingered hand of our lab robot.

Jonatan is a Mexican postdoctoral student at CEA in France and among other tasks, he is part of Dr. Mathieu Grossard’s work package 2 team in the TraceBot project. With his big experience in mechatronics and computer science, Jonatan brings enormous expertise to the dynamic and kinematic modelling and to the programming of the algorithms for the gripper. As he states in the video, one of the biggest challenges when designing the gripper and its abilities is the estimation of the forces needed to perform by the gripper so that the multifingered hand is able to execute dexterous action such as the insertion of objects or the plugging and unplugging of the tube of the sterility kit which is the use case of the project. In order to counterbalance external perturbations and to assure that the gripper performs with a certain amount of force, Jonatan’s focus is very much concentrated on the estimation of forces needed by the TraceBot’s hand so that it can execute the handling smoothly and securely.

Jonatan and the whole Work Package 2 team from CEA will make our TraceBot extremely dexterous and thus generate a quantum leap in the future handling of liquid and sterile medicaments!caments as described in our use case, the handling of a sterility kit, and beyond.

TraceBot HEROES #3: Dr. Mathieu Grossard, CEA, France

In the third part of our "TRACEBOT HEROES - Meet the Developers!" series you will get to know Dr. Mathieu Grossard from our French project partner CEA (Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique et energies alternatives) who are the experts in developing the multifingered hand of our lab robot.
Mathieu is not only the leader of work package 2, he is a true eminence when it comes to give robotic hands the abilities of a human hand by equipping them with numerous tactile sensors. He and his fantastic team are very keen on making the TraceBot as dexterous as possible so that it can perform all tasks needed in the handling of sterile, liquid medicaments as described in our use case, the handling of a sterility kit, and beyond.

TraceBot HEROES #2: Prof. Dr. Markus Vincze

This is Prof. Dr. Markus Vincze from our project partner TUW - Technical University of Vienna. Markus is the director of the Automation and Control Institute (ACIN) which belongs to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. The institute is divided into the research areas industrial automation and complex dynamical systems.
Markus and his team are extremely important to the TraceBot project as they will make our lab robot see! In our case it is a particular challenge as the TraceBot needs to grasp transparent objects. According to our use case, the dexterous handling of a sterility kit is the benchmark which we want to set and Markus describes in the video how crucial vision is in Meet Markus and get to know his approach, how he and his team devise machine vision methods to perceive structures and objects such that robots act in and learn from every day situations. This approach leads to smart automated manufacturing and robots performing household tasks. Core expertise is safe navigation, 2D and 3D attention, object modelling, object class detection, affordance-based grasping, and manipulation of objects in relation to object functions.
So, in case you have any query about, Markus Vincze and his team from the ACIN are one of the top addresses in Europe when it comes to robotic vision and we are very happy to count on them as part of the TraceBot developer's team!

TraceBot HEROES #1: Dr. Anthony Remazeilles

In the first video we introduce you to Dr. Anthony Remazeilles from our project partner TECNALIA Research & Innovation in San Sebastián, Spain. He is not only the leader of work package 2 at Tecnalia's, but also the "Technical and Science Manager"of the whole project which makes him one of the most important, if not the crucial colleague, in this project. He is a true eminence as he has a profound knowledge of the project on all levels and therefore a very complete overview of its structure and the stage of the development. The interview with him will give you a deep insight in his vital position and his approach to the project.


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