Successful hackathon in the bioSASH project: video series now online!

D-Konstanz I Laboratory and robotics experts came together at a successful two-day hackathon, held as part of the EU-funded bioSASH project. the event was organized by SILA and BioLAGO.

Diagnostic laboratories are a mix of state-of-the-art equipment and legacy equipment from different vendors and manufacturers. This poses major challenges for process automation. The SiLA 2 and AniML open standards enable a common communication interface between these disparate devices, overcoming one of the biggest hurdles in implementing robotic solutions in the lab. To promote the adoption of these open standards and thus accelerate innovation in the lab, BioLAGO and SiLA held a hackathon in Konstanz, Germany, to connect different stakeholders in lab automation and develop solutions.

Learn more about the successful hackathon in the video series! Every week there will be a new video. Stay tuned!

Throwback – bioSASH#3 hackathon achievements with BioLAGO member 1LIMS

bioSASH - final result of hackathon - Planning, execution and documenting lab workflows

Presentation of final results with the topic planning, execution and documenting lab workflows using open standards by Philipp Seitz (Process Manager of Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co.KG) and Burkhard Schaefer (Splashlake, SiLA Board Member, AnIML Lead)

bioSASH final result of hackathon Pick & place labware transportation with benchtop and robots

Presentation of final results by Ádám Wolf from Takeda and leader of the SiLA robotics working group and Lukas Bromig from Technical University Munich (Managing Director UniteLabs AG) at the bioSASH hackathon #4 in Konstanz, September 2022.

bioSASH - Pick & place labware transportation with benchtop and mobile robots

Presentation by Ádám Wolf from Takeda and leader of the SiLA robotics working group.

bioSASH - Devices in the local lab and LIMS in the cloud how to build a smart data integration

Presentation by Philipp Osterwalder from 1LIMS

1LIMS is a laboratory consulting company and LIMS manufacturer based in Zurich, specializing in laboratory transformation and process optimization of manufacturing industries and service laboratories, with the aim of making processes more effective and efficient in order to sustainably increase value creation. Through a personalized consulting service for quality and laboratory processes, 1LIMS holistically accompanies companies in the laboratory transformation from analog and rigid workflows to value-added structures. Thanks to a cloud-based and industry-independent software solution, which is modular in design and can be independently adapted individually to industry requirements and the needs of users, workflows are digitally mapped and automated.

bioSASH How to secure quality and safety in the lab using open standards

Presentation by Sergey Biniaminov from HS Analysis GmbH

bioSASH - SiLA2: An enabler for accelerated bioprocess research and development

Presentation by Lukas Bromig from Technical University Munich and UniteLabs AG

bioSASH SiLA2 from a hardware vendor perspective

In the bioSASH#4 hackathon Georg Hinkel from Tecan presented the topic SiLA2 from a hardware vendor perspective.


bioSASH - Automating labs with the world's first on deck microplate reader

We are happy to share with you the first recorded presentation of the bioSASH#4 hackathon presented by Nico Benndorf of Byonoy GmbH.


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This Technology Transfer Experiment has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the DIH-HERO grant agreement no 825003


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