House of Lab Science AG: lab space provider joins network

Oana Vrabie coordinates the House of Lab Science. ©Oana Vrabie

CH-Hombrechtikon | New BioLAGO member provides unique lab-as-a-service model and other offerings  

The House of Lab Science offers serviced laboratory space. The lab-as-a-service model is designed to help science-preneurs, startups, scaleups or companies advance their research and business. 

The new network member provides ready-to-move-in, affordable, biosafety certified and well-equipped laboratory space, as well as shared facilities like storage, laboratory glassware washer, autoclave, offices, meeting rooms, events hall, and more. 

Marketing Expert Oana Vrabie organizes and co-designes the House of Lab Science. She tells us in the welcoming interview: „We became aware of BioLAGO e.V. through our involvement in the life sciences industry and our commitment to staying up to date with the latest advancements and opportunities in the field. BioLAGO's reputation as a trusted network for life sciences companies and organizations made it a natural fit for us to explore further and ultimately join as a member.” 

She also adds: „We believe that exchange and collaboration and networking with other industry experts is crucial in achieving this goal. By joining BioLAGO, we hope to enhance our knowledge and expertise in the life sciences and lab technology fields, foster new partnerships, and ultimately contribute to the development of groundbreaking technologies and therapies that improve people's lives.“ 

The House of Lab Science is keen on supporting other BioLAGO members with laboratory space, biobanking facilities, an online community platform and further education programs through the Lab Science Academy, which will be launched in June. Feel free to connect and explore more opportunities within the facilities. 

We are happy to welcome this innovative swiss organisation in our community. 



House of Lab Science

Garstligweg 8
CH-8634 Hombrechtikon


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