BioLAGO welcomes EquipNet to the family

Greg Feinberg, VP of Business Development at EquipNet., looks forward to many mutually beneficial collaborations within the BioLAGO network. ©Greg Feinberg

UK- Bridgend I With EquipNet, Inc., for the first time a company from South Wales joins the BioLAGO network. EquipNet specializes in the purchase and resale of used laboratory equipment. Therefor the company strengthens with its expertise the field of sustainability in the BioLAGO network.

EquipNet, Inc., based in Bridgend, UK, is a provider of asset management services and solutions to companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, personal care, semiconductor, aerospace and defense industries. EquipNet Inc. operates globally, with offices in Europe, North America, Latin America and India and Sales Representatives all over the world.

The company helps its customers resell equipment they no longer need (e.g. laboratory equipment), comply with safety standards and also contributes to their sustainability initiatives.

„We wanted to join BioLAGO to broaden our network and engage with similar minded organisations that we can assist with our services“, says Greg Feinberg, VP of Business Development at EquipNet.

EquipNet has been helping companies sell and buy surplus equipment for more than 20 years in over 170 countries. „Our Sustainability Programs are designed to help companies make a financial gain from their surplus equipment whilst at the same time equipment will be re-located for a new lease of life with a new owner instead of ending up on landfills. We have over 10.000 products on our platforms, at any given time, looking for a new home. Some new equipment, all with a price tag of up to 80% less than its original price tag“, said Greg Feinberg.

Some of EquipNet’s services include: Site Closure or Relocation Management, Consignment, Worlwide Logistics, Proactive Sales and Auctions.

BioLAGO wants to strengthen the topic of sustainability in the life science industry. Therefore, we are especially pleased to welcome EqipNet as a new member.  "I am looking forward to many fruitful contacts in the BioLAGO network", says Greg Feinberg in conclusion.


EquipNet LTD
Brocastle Avenue
Waterton Industrial Estate
Bridgend, South Wales CF31 3XA

Sharron Williams
European Sales Manager
Tel: +
France: +33 1 70 70 90 41
Germany: +49 69 222246119
Ireland: +353 1 525 3407
Switzerland: +41 44 580 20 95

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