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E-VENT German Corona Showcase

Juni 23 - Juni 25


E-VENT German Corona Showcase

D-Berlin |The coronavirus pandemic is a crisis for everyone. Societies all over the world are struggling with rising infection rates and an increasing death toll. Also Germany has been hit hard, but so far has managed to keep the number of death victims comparatively low, not only but also due to an excellent social health system with sufficient intensive care units.

German pharma and biotech companies have massively extended their research and development efforts to develop and produce diagnostics and to find therapies and vaccines.

More than 50 of the BIO Deutschland member companies work to prevent, diagnose or treat the virus infection.

The virtual event German Corona Showcase will combine presentations and partnering. The programme will present German companies that are developing diagnostics, therapies and vaccines against the corona virus. But as the corona pandemic also has a considerable impact on companies that are currently not working on the coronavirus; they also invite these companies to present and to report on their current situation.

The event will

  • …highlight German companies that develop diagnostics, cures and vaccines against corona
  • …give the opportunity to exchange an discuss experiences made with corona research
  • …give the opportunity to discuss funding, procurement and governmental support
  • …provide a platform for discussing issues arising for all those companies that are not engaged in corona research
  • …give the opportunity to arrange one-on-one meetings to discuss cooperation and to exchange experiences further.
  • …also focus on companies that do not engage in the fight against corona and the issues that arise from the diversion of funds and attention


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BIO Deutschland e.V.
Kirsten Lang
Project Assistant
E-Mail: lang@biodeutschland.org


23.-25. Juni 2020


BIO Deutschland e.V.



Juni 23
Juni 25