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Codex4SMEs: Innovation for Health Conference

Februar 13 @ 11:30 - 12:30 UTC+2


Codex4SMEs: Innovation for Health Conference

NL-Rotterdam | From 11:30 – 12:30 in room “ Van Beuningen“ will be a Codex4SMEs break-out session with the topic: How (companion) diagnostics play a crucial role in personalised medicine

Innovation for Health is the leading conference for key players in Health & Life Sciences. It provides a unique opportunity to meet leading innovators, to catch up on the latest trends, to present cutting-edge innovations and to engage leaders and decision makers in Life Sciences & Health. The conference brings top-notch speakers to the stage, displays high impact innovations, highlights best practices and demonstrates inspiring developments in healthcare. This is the meeting place where more than 800 bright minds from across Life Sciences and Health will be united on the same day, where stakeholders in health and care, from bench to bedside, from start-up to multinational, with ideas and with funding, come together to strengthen existing contacts, to expand their networks, to establish collaborations, to jointly shape the future of healthcare.


Companion Diagnostics

By Codex4SMEs, with the speakers:

  • HJ Guchelaar, LUMC
  • T. Hankemeier, Leiden University
  • W. Vader, VitroScan
  • J. Lunenberg, Enpicom

In this session different speakers from clinical, research and industry perspective will shine their light on how companion diagnostics play a crucial role in personalised medicine.

Companion diagnostics are an indispensable tool for optimum application of Personalized Medicine: they allow tests to determine the molecular causes of a disease before treatment has started and can predict the patient response of the treatment. However, thus far the development of companion diagnostics has been highly time-consuming and costly, so at present it is only used in the context of very few treatments. The Interreg project Codex4SMEs (Companion diagnostics expedited for small and medium-sized businesses) project plans to improve healthcare by enhanced adoption of Personalized Medicine in North-West Europe. The objective is to establish a network, which supports SMEs along the value chain of Companion diagnostics (Cdx) development. Within this network companies get access to sample access service, biomarker validation service, knowledge transfer service of biomarker/biobanking, transnational roadshow to venture and large pharma companies, business model and expert access service for business growth and scaling and tailored support dependent from the product TRL levels of the SMEs.

There is a limited number of free entrance tickets to join our session and the conference on February 13, 2020!

Regular registration fee is up to € 425.

If you are interested, please contact: codex4smes@innovationquarter.nl


Information about the speakers:

Speaker 1 – Willemijn Vader – Managing Director at VitroScan B.V.

Willemijn Vader has over 15 years experience in the oncology field. She completed her PhD at the LUMC, and worked for 13 years for Sanofi. She is a talented networker with a proven record in commercial effectiveness. Willemijn has generated fast engagement of medical professionals to collaborate in VitroScans clinical development program. She has successfully closed a new round of investment, created financing opportunities by formation of grant consortia, and is responsible for establishing the team to effectively manage growth of VitroScan. Willemijn is intrinsically motivated to make a success of innovations that improve the treatment (and quality of life) of patients.

Speaker 2 – Thomas Hankemeier – Professor of Analytical biosciences, LACDR, Leiden University

Thomas Hankemeier is full professor of Analytical BioSciences at the LACDR, Leiden University, since 2004. He leads as principal investigator the Analytical BioSciences and Metabolomics group, and he is the chair of the new Division of Systems Biomedicine and Pharmacology. His research is aiming at innovative analytical tools for metabolomics-driven systems biology in personalized health strategies. In collaboration with clinicians, biomedical researchers, biostatisticians and other –omics researchers he works on better (early) diagnosis and interventions for (cardio)vascular and metabolic diseases and neurological diseases. His ultimate goal is to identify early disease pathways and network changes that can be modulated by interventions to prevent or treat diseases, and support the development of novel intervention strategies to prevent or treat diseases. He is reaching out to cooperate with industry within a fieldlab MXL to develop companion diagnostics, early discovering of side effects in clinical trials, and evaluation methods of medicine treatment per patient.

Speaker 3 – Henk-Jan Guchelaar – Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Leiden University Medical Center

Henk-Jan Guchelaar is full professor of Clinical Pharmacy. The main topic of his research is personalized therapeutics. It is his ambition to optimize drug treatment for patients, and in particular cancer patients. More effective and safer drug therapy is achieved by individualization and by use of genetic biomarkers. Therefore, we focus on the discovery of genetic biomarkers that are related to individual drug response. In addition, we aim to develop algorithms that include genetic and non-genetic markers that can be readily translated to daily clinical practice.

Speaker 4 – Jos Lunenberg – Founder & Chief Executive Officer, ENPICOM BV

Jos has over 25 years of experience and proven success in the most innovative areas of the Life Sciences Industry. The first 10 years he worked in the corporate world of big pharma, for companies who gave him the opportunity to follow an international career path and in seniority increasing commercial roles. His first management team experience he gained in smaller size, but public companies, with listings at respectfully AIM and NASDAQ. Since 2012 he is an entrepreneur and in 2017, he co-founded his second venture, ENPICOM, an innovative software company. In 2019 ENPICOM launched the IGX Platform, an immunogenomics data management analysis platform to accelerate discovery and development of new immunotherapies. In parallel, ENPICOM aims to clinically validate IGX to become for companion and complementary diagnostic applications.

For further information visit: https://www.innovationforhealth.nl/


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Termin / Date

13. Februar 2020
Zeit / Time:
11:30 – 12:30
Kosten / Price:
425 €



Ort / Adress

De Doelen – Willem Burger Hall

, Niederlande
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If you are interested, please contactyourregional Codex4SMEs partnerWe will contact you and see if tickets are still available.


Februar 13
11:30 - 12:30