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SmartTech-4-Healthy Tourist

In the SmartTech-4-HealthyTourist project, a pilot project for innovative health offers with a focus on holidaymakers was tested by linking modern diagnostic procedures with tourism. An important partner in the project was Marketing und Tourismus Konstanz GmbH.

Health tourism is a growing trend and an important future market at Lake Constance. Reasons for this trend are the increasing health awareness in the population, as well as the steady increase in dangerous widespread diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. For this reason, BioLAGO has initiated a project in cooperation with Marketing und Tourismus Konstanz GmbH that enriches health tourism at Lake Constance with unique services. In the SmartTech-4-HealthyTourist project, the international Lake Constance region takes on the role of a pilot region. Through knowledge transfer between medicine and tourism and targeted support for SMEs, the sustainable economic development of Baden-Württemberg will be strengthened with reference to the EU macro strategies.

As project coordinator, BioLAGO brought together actors from development and application for this purpose, such as regional clinics, diagnostic laboratories, universities, nutritionists and hoteliers. Together, they then developed individual solutions for health tourism in the Lake Constance region that were tailored to the new needs and carried out a pilot application.

Evidence-based nutrition analysis thanks to high-tech diagnostics
For example, the Tab Device developed by the project partner Swiss Analysis was tested in practice as part of the project. This is a mini diagnostic device that allows users to take blood samples painlessly and independently from home. The blood sample is then sent to a laboratory, which determines the individual health status (e.g. micronutrient and vitamin balance, fatty acid profile, etc.). "The Tab Device is an exclusive solution based on the latest high-tech laboratory diagnostics and allows for an evidence-based nutritional analysis that significantly innovates and expands the previous health monitoring with standard parameters such as pulse and heart rate," says Dr Otto Knes, CEO of Swiss Analysis AG. In the project, the device was tested on a group of test persons who received individual nutritional advice based on the laboratory results. "In the future, we want to offer this service together with hoteliers to health-conscious holidaymakers in the Lake Constance region. The holidaymaker uses the Tab Device and then receives a customised action plan (nutrition, exercise) derived from the lab results, as well as medical advice. Finally, an individual action plan for home use is developed," continues Dr. Otto Knes.

Further expanding the advantage of Lake Constance as a location
In order to successfully establish the Tab Device in health tourism at Lake Constance, BioLAGO has worked out a business model together with the project partners, which can now serve as a basis for new developments in the hotel sector at Lake Constance. The model was developed by defining possible target customers and creating customer journey maps. This has given the developed business model a clearer customer orientation: Business travellers as well as active holidaymakers and especially Best Agers are the primary target groups.

"The SmartTech-4-HealthyTourist project makes an innovative contribution in the field of health tourism. In this way, we can further expand the range of tourism products and services on offer and thus further develop Lake Constance as a location advantage," Tobias Stoiber, Head of Tourism at Marketing und Tourismus Konstanz GmbH, assesses the project.


  • Verknüpfung moderner Diagnostikverfahren mit dem Tourismus für innovative Gesundheitsangebote
  • Verknüpfung von KMU im Bereich Diagnostik mit regionalen Tourismus-AnbieterInnen