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DigiCare Bodensee

The BioLAGO project DigiCare, which will be completed in 2020, contributes to improving healthcare at Lake Constance through telemedical solutions.

Due to the ageing population and a changing spectrum of diseases, the need for medical care is also increasing. Parallel to the population, the medical profession is also ageing, resulting in an increasing shortage of doctors, especially in rural, structurally weak regions such as in the hinterland of the Lake Constance region.

In order to overcome growing bottlenecks in health care with the help of digital solutions, the BioLAGO health network launched the cross-border project DigiCare Bodensee (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein). The project aimed to identify the needs of doctors and patients for better healthcare. In specialist workshops and conferences with companies, research institutions, health insurance companies, doctors and patient representatives as well as municipal institutions, requirements for digital technologies and services were explored. In the process, an interdisciplinary as well as cross-border dialogue was stimulated. Based on this, a telemedical recommendation for action was developed in the areas of software, diagnostics and business services, which took up the following topics and presented them in an application-based manner for the Lake Constance region: Spatial distances, time and personnel savings, simplified communication, data transmission as well as cost savings.

The results of the BioLAGO project, which was funded by the IBK small project fund in the Interreg V programme "Alpenrhein Bodensee-Hochrhein", flow directly into the BioLAGO follow-up projects "D-Care" and the "Telemedical Care Centre Steißlingen".

Main focus

  • Inventory and needs assessment of telemedical instruments in the Lake Constance region (transnational)
  • Elaboration of a recommendation for action for the implementation of telemedical solutions in the four-country region of Lake Constance


Dr. Jörg Schickedanz