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The project "DiagNET- Diagnostics of the Future" aims to develop and apply new diagnostic procedures in a competence network of business and science in the four-country region of Lake Constance and beyond. These are to be used in clinics but also in doctors' surgeries and laboratories on site, thus saving long journeys. This will significantly improve medical care in rural areas. The partners are jointly contributing services to the project - in research and development, production, testing and application as well as in sales. The DiagNET project is coordinated by BioLAGO e.V., the health network at the international Bodensee. the health network at the international Lake Constance.

Project stages and tasks

  • Establishment of a competence network "Diagnostics" consisting of companies, research institutions as well as clinics and laboratories
  • Development of new diagnostic procedures and optimisation of existing tests
  • Establishment of the competence network and testing of diagnostic procedures for application

The competence network continues to work even after the end of the project. The project "DiagNET- Diagnostics of the Future" is funded for three years by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the programme "Interreg V Alpenrhein-Bodensee-Hochrhein". The lead partner and funding recipient is BioLAGO e.V. Other project sponsors are the district of Constance and the city of Constance. der BioLAGO e.V. Weitere Projektförderer sind der Landkreis Konstanz und die Stadt Konstanz.


Further information on the project and its partners at www.diagnet.org

Arbeitsgruppen und Themen

The following main topics are dealt with in individual working groups with the aim of developing concepts for new or improved diagnostic procedures:

  • Multi-resistant pathogens
    Topics (among others): Rapid detection of multi-resistant pathogens, differentiation between bacterial and viral infection
    Head: Centre for Laboratory Medicine (CH-St. Gallen)
  • Therapy monitoring
    Topics (among others): Antibiotic concentration in intensive care patients
    Management: Laboratory Dr. Brunner - Laboratory Medicine Care Centre (D-Constance)
  • Digital diagnostics
    Topics (among others): Central data management for decentralised diagnostics, doctor-patient-laboratory communication, point-of-care platforms
    Management: QIAGEN Lake Constance GmbH (D-Stockach)
  • Lifestyle and Diagnostics
    Topics (among others): Biomarkers for health-conscious lifestyle (diet, exercise, fasting), health monitoring, metabolic diagnostics
    Head: SwissAnalysis AG (CH-Tägerwilen) and Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences

Further suggestions for topics with the possibility of initiating new working groups are always welcome. Please contact us!

Project partners

The international competence network "DiagNET" connects companies, research institutions, universities and clinics in diagnostics & analytics as well as their environment - from the four-country region of Lake Constance and beyond. Along the entire value chain, the partners jointly contribute services in research and development, production, sales, testing and application as well as consulting to the project.


Michael Statnik

Project manager

+49 (0)7531 – 921525 2

Dr. Michael Steinwand

advisory board

+49 (0)7551 838411