Funding project TraceBot presented at leading international trade fair

CH-Basel | The Future Labs Live trade fair is one of the world's most diverse events in the fields of laboratories, start-ups, disruptors, innovators and automation. It brings together players from the fields of science, biotech, pharma, chemistry and many more to exchange experiences and share their vision for the lab of the future with other experts.

This year, for the first time, TraceBot also had its own information stand at the trade fair to present the progress and goals of the innovative funding project. The consortium partners BioLAGO and TECNALIA were on hand at the TraceBot information stand to present the TraceBot robot for automated laboratories of the future to interested visitors. The details of the development were presented using specific video presentations. In addition, the TraceBot partners from Astech Projects had their own information stand at Future Labs Live to present their new Robotic Lab Assistant (RLA) and tool changer including a pipettor gripper.

A special highlight on the second day of the event was a session moderated by BioLAGO project manager Jamin Bouras, which focussed on the topic of "Automated Integrated & Interoperable Discovery". The following renowned experts spoke at the event: Anthony Remazeilles, Ádám Wolf, Patrick Courtney, Radhika Gudipati, Reinhard Lafrenz. The TraceBot project was also presented in the session.

It became clear that there was great interest in the progress and goals of the TraceBot funding project. The opportunity was therefore taken to draw attention to the upcoming Robotics 4 Lab Automation Symposium on 25 September 2024 in Constance. All consortium partners of the funding project will be present in Constance to present the further developments of their work (further information here).

About TraceBot

The EU funded TraceBot project aims to address healthcare-related processes, and more exactly the membrane-based sterility testing process. The objective of TraceBot is to bring verifiable actions to robot manipulation by reasoning over sensor-actor trails in a traceability framework based on digital-twin technology and extend current robot motion planners with the automatic execution of self-checking procedures that create a semantic trace of the actions performed. The goal is to create robotic systems able to understand what they perceive and do, to ensure that any manipulation action is verified, thus meeting the needs of the regulated environment.

The TraceBot project brings together six strong partners from five countries: the health network BioLAGO (Germany), Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation (Spain),  Commissariat à l‘Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (France), Technische Universität Wien (Austria), Universität Bremen (Germany), Astech Projects Limited (England) and Invite GmbH (Germany) is being guided by representatives of the pharmaceutical industry. Each partner contributes its own expertise by providing a solution working hand-in-hand with each other partner’s solution. This cooperation will permit the development of tactile grippers for handling medical products, the design of a set of manipulation skills to execute the regulatory checking actions for every assembly step, the generation of an intuitive programming method for a quick adaptation to novel products and tasks and, last but not least, the development of a reasoning framework to monitor and control the safe and failure-resistant operation of the robot system, in order to meet the need of safety-critical automation. The TraceBot project’s coordination, communication and dissemination is carried out by the health network BioLAGO (Germany).

More information on the TraceBot Website

TraceBot receives funding from the European Union‘s H2020-EU.2.1.1. INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP programme (grant agreement No 101017089), 2021-2025

Pictures for download

Dr. Anthony Remazeilles, technical leader oft he funding project, presented TraceBot project to a wide audience ©BioLAGO
The numerous visitors of the Future labs Live in Basel were able to find out more about the funding project at the TraceBot information stand ©BioLAGO


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