Deepmentation was founded in 2019 as an eHealth startup in Leipzig and has experience in software development with methods in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The startup is currently working on various AI-based methods in laboratory automation, such as the defect determination of serum samples or automatic order entry and -archiving in the medical sector. With strong expertise in computer vision and database development, deepmentation is able to automatically measure and count objects. Their goal is to increase the level of automation in business processes. In the computer vision environment, they are able to process image data or documents with neural networks and derive metrics that are relevant for automated process chains.

In this way, deepmentation would like to contribute its expertise in IT (machine learning, image processing, text recognition, AI) to the BioLAGO network.


deepmentation’s expertise includes but is not limited to:


– Image processing / pattern recognition

– Document analysis (OCR / OMR)

– Artificial neural networks

– Automated order entry

– Database development

– Handling of high data volumes / Big Data analyses

– Laboratory information system standardised interfaces HL7 & LDT


Diagnostics and analytics Diagnostics and analytics


Software deveopment, laboratory automation, artificial intelligence, image processing, document recognition


Hans-Poeche-Str. 8
D-04103 Leipzig
Tel.: +49 (0)341 – 301 925 64
Fax: +49 (0)341 – 301 925 63


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Roman Seidel
Tel.: +49 (0)341 301 925 64


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