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wiwoco GmbH

wiwoco GmbH, based in Rapperswil, Switzerland, offers scientific services at the interface between life sciences and technology. wiwoco is a competent partner when it comes to product development and the realisation of innovative processes. The company specialises in the research and compilation of current research results. In this way, wiwoco  supports companies in the development and expansion of knowledge and thus creates the basis for targeted product development. The wiwoco GmbH takes over tasks in project management and creates easily understandable and appealing product information such as brochures and instruction manuals.

The range of services offered by wiwoco includes: Literature research and technology studies, support in product development, project management, creation of product information, writing of texts as well as public relations.


Biotechnology, product information, project management, research, technology studies


Kluggasse 5
CH-CH-8640 Rapperswil

Phone: +41 (0)76 715 01 17
Web: www.wiwoco.ch