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Wild & Küpfer AG

For over 40 years, Wild und Küpfer AG has been developing, producing and assembling high-precision plastic parts and assemblies for the most complex applications. At the state-of-the-art location in Schmerikon, investments are continuously made in cutting-edge technology and top performance. The combination of competent, customer-oriented employees and the latest technologies allows us to always offer customers innovative and cost-efficient solutions. Visit the website for more information: www.wildkuepfer.swiss

Main activity:

Manufacturing processes:
Plastic and stamped part assembly, CNC machining, Mold construction, Hot stamping, Injection molding small parts, Construction, Laser marking of parts, Injection molding job shop, Mechanical machining, Medical technology, Multicomponent injection molding, Assembly, Clean room assembly, Clean room production, Machining, Injection molding, Pad printing, Ultrasonic, Ultrasonic assembly, Processing all elastomers, Processing plastic, Finishing, Tooling

Training companies, consultations, development, hot stamping, plastic parts manufacturing, high-performance plastic injection molding, industrial metrology (tactile, computer tomography, multi-sensor), design, laser marking of parts, assembly of subassemblies, precision manufacturing, precision injection molding, product development, projects, quality assurance, (reverse) engineering, simulations, injection molding, injection molding simulation, pad printing, tooling, tool and mold making.

Semi-finished and finished products:
Miscellaneous plastic parts, building technology, high-performance plastic parts, hygiene products, consumer goods, customized parts, contract manufacturing, medical technology, optics, pharmaceutical/cosmetics packaging, precision injection molded parts, special products for medical and pharmaceutical applications, technical products

Machines / Peripherals:
Injection molds


Injection molding technology, molds, materials, process technology and services, quality management


Allmeindstrasse 19
CH-8716 Schmerikon

Web: www.wildkuepfer.swiss