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Universität Innsbruck - Institut für Atemgasanalytik

The Institute for Breath Gas Analysis at the University of Innsbruck, located in Dornbirn, is Europe's leading research institute in the field of breath, skin and urine analysis. The institute's activities include conducting its own research, preparing clinical studies and communicating and sharing the knowledge gained. From screening of various diseases, therapy monitoring to drug tolerance studies and physiological investigations, the interdisciplinary team can use knowledge from physics, chemistry, physiology, medicine, bio- and engineering sciences.

Since 2014, the Institute for Breath Gas Analysis, founded in 2006, has been integrated into the University of Innsbruck and is part of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy.


Breath gas analysis, trace gas analysis, mass spectrometry (PTR-TOF-MS,etc.), personalised medicine


Rathausplatz 4
AT-6850 Dornbirn

Web: www.uibk.ac.at


Prof.(FH), DI, Dr. techn., Univ.-Doz. Karl Unterkofler
Tel.: +43 (0)699 – 190 524 98
E-Mail: karl.unterkofler@uibk.ac.at