SwissAnalysis AG

SwissAnalysis AG is a medical-biochemical-diagnostic laboratory based in the Zecchinel Centre in Tägerwilen. As a local partner for the doctor and the therapist, SwissAnalysis offers all laboratory services that the practice needs on a daily basis.

In addition, SwissAnalysis specialises in analyses that describe the metabolism of vitamins, trace elements and other micronutrients and thus allow suggestions to be made for nutrition or very individual supplements. This special analysis is also offered nationwide.

SwissAnalysis is an independent laboratory and personal contact and customer care is very important to the owners. Patients also have the option of coming directly to the laboratory to have their blood taken. A pick-up service for the doctor's practice as well as the modern equipment ensure that the analysis result can be transmitted quickly. Thanks to modern IT, the laboratory is also able to provide the analysis results electronically or to communicate directly with the doctor's software.


Laboratory medicine, micronutrients, metabolism, routine diagnostics, emergency diagnostics


Hauptstr. 137 D
CH-CH-8274 Tägerwilen

Phone: +41 (0)71 - 666 77 22
Web: www.swissanalysis.ch