SpinDiag GmbH

SpinDiag GmbH develops and produces a point-of-care diagnostic platform. The first product will enable rapid and reliable screening of patients for antibiotic-resistant bacteria at their admission to hospitals. It will be designed to be operated by the nursing staff itself on-site at the ward and will provide its test result within just 30 minutes to decide whether the tested patient needs to be treated in isolation from other patients or not. Based on this flexible diagnostic platform, SpinDiag will offer a wide range of relevant tests for infectious diseases, always with the goal of increasing patient safety through early and economical detection. The experienced developer team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts and specialists from the Hahn-Schickard research institute, from which SpinDiag GmbH was spun off in 2016.


Molecular diagnostics, rapid testing, point of care, human infectious disease diagnostics, in vitro diagnostics, antibiotic resistances


Engesserstr. 4
DE-D-79108 Freiburg

Phone: +49 (0)761 - 203 732 46
Web: www.spindiag.de