Smart4Diagnostics GmbH

Smart4Diagnostics GmbH has developed a smart human sample storage container with an inbuilt technical sensor level to monitor all quality features of human blood samples on the way between patient and lab. Their algorithms aggregate the data from the individual human sample into a digital human sample fingerprint. This information can be used directly by LIM-System to automatically determine biological sample quality.

In doing so, Smart4Diagnostics GmbH closes the data gap between blood collection and lab analysis and enables a new quality standard for lab decision making. The digital human sample fingerprint is a quantum leap forward for patient safety and lab turnaround time. Thus, the company provides a system change in preanalytics from trust based to evidence based.


Human Samples, Precision Medicine, Lab


Trogerstraße 14
DE-D-81675 München

Web: smart4diagnostics.com


Dr. Hans Maria Heÿn
E-Mail: hans.heyn@s4dx.com