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Schlatter-Zahl-Kuhnt Rechtsanwälte

Schlatter - Zahl - Kuhnt is a law partnership in Constance and offers competent legal advice under both German and Swiss law. They support companies in overcoming legal challenges, e.g. the drafting of contracts, general terms and conditions and agreements, the implementation of official approval procedures as well as in all labour and social law issues. Through their experience in mediation and coaching, contentious proceedings can usually be avoided from the outset. If not, Schlatter - Zahl - Kuhnt enforce rights in court both in Switzerland and Germany.
In addition to labour and social law, another focus of the firm is event security law. Together, the lawyers can look back on over 30 years of experience in the safety and legal planning and support of events.
Their broad experience in advising young companies, diverse entrepreneurial connections to Austria, Switzerland and Germany, as well as their authorisation to represent clients as lawyers in both Germany and Switzerland make Schlatter - Zahl - Kuhnt a competent contact for all companies in the BioLAGO network.

Their services at a glance:


  • Contract drafting, general terms and conditions
  • Security consulting for events such as company events, open days, trade fairs, open air festivals, concerts, city festivals, etc.
  • Preparation of legally compliant security and hygiene concepts
  • Legal and technical review of event, security, hygiene, traffic and evacuation concepts


  • Procedural project management
  • Coordination of approval procedures
  • Moderation and coaching
  • Mediation in the public sector
  • Training and workshops for safety and hygiene


  • Labour and social law
  • Contract law
  • Data protection
  • Legal representation in Germany and Switzerland
  • Event law and contract drafting for event organisations
  • Expert opinions on questions of event law
  • Advice on legal structuring to avoid civil liability


Legal protection, advice, contracts, approval procedures, payment claims


Schneckenburgstrasse 11d
DE-D-78467 Konstanz

Phone: +49 (0)7531 - 282 11 50
Fax: +49 (0)7531 - 284 80 54
Web: www.schlatter-zahl-kuhnt.de