RICB Diagnostics AG

The company RICB Diagnostics AG is specialized on the automatic detection of onko bio-markers and develops a medical diagnostic Point-of-Care technology. This in-vitro-diagnostic (IVD)-technology is based on an antibody-activated silicium-chip, which is the heart of a diagnostic device (aimee), this can be easily used at home. It enables a specific and high sensitive detection of several onko-bio-markers at the same time. Our innovative AIMEE-technology is capable to deliver precise clinical data about your status of health, without consulting a doctor or a hospital.

The RICB Diagnostics AG has a wide range of know-how, as in the area of production of BIO-FET-detectors based on silicium as well as on the full automated processes of SAM-functionalizing and antibody modification of the bio-sensors. At the last periode RICB Diagnostics AG has successfully established a network of high-tech business partners and experts in field of biochemie, nano technology and electronics and started the production of a functionable device family in the area of cancer detection.

The current developments of the company contain micro invasive technologies for the detection of cancer bio-markers in the blood, as well as technologies in the area of regenerative medicine, especially in 3D cell structure involved processes.

General Manager of the company at Buchs is Dr. Marian Petrovic.



In-vitro-Diagnostics, Lab-on-a-Chip, Point-of-Care, Cancer Bio-markers, Analytics


Elestastrasse 18
CH-CH-7310 Bad Ragaz

Phone: +41 (0) 44 586 26 97
Web: www.ricb.ch