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RessourcenManagement Rainer Manderla

The Constance-based company offers exclusive negotiation coaching, conflict clarification, moderation and seminars for specialists and managers as well as customer consultants and start-ups.

Since 1989, Rainer Manderla, Managing Director of RessourcenManagement, has been supporting his clients in the preparation, follow-up and implementation of difficult negotiations and in conflicts. In doing so, RessourcenManagement works with methods, strategies and instruments of systemic management/systemic counselling, person-centred conversation, topic-centred interaction, resource-oriented coaching, clarification support as well as with approaches from brain and emotional intelligence research and findings from neurobiology and biopsychology.

Rainer Manderla also offers basic and topic-specific seminars on topics such as conducting conversations, negotiation, conflict management and rhetoric. The range of services offered by RessourcenManagement is complemented by support in facilitating workshops and conferences.


Conversation skills, communication, conflict management, rheotorics, negotiation coaching


Höhenweg 8
DE-D-78464 Konstanz

Phone: +49 (0)7531 - 69 68 00
Web: www.rainer-manderla.de


Rainer Manderla