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PFIF – Partner für Innovation & Förderung GmbH

Innovations are an important growth factor for companies and secure their global market position in the long term.

With more than 30 years of experience, PFIF is your competent partner for maximizing R&D funding. Here, the optimal interaction of grants with the R&D tax relief is crucial. The team of technical and administrative funding specialists provides support on a performance fee basis from optimal project planning, successful application and correct accounting to project completion and possible audit.

The consultant can concentrate on successful development. PFIF perfects the funding - ideally, every R&D hour is funded. This makes it easier for the client to implement innovations. In this way, you can secure the future of your company and create further growth. Is an R&D location outside Germany? Then it benefits from the international competence with ABGI, the global player in the subsidy industry. ABGI is represented in France, Switzerland, England, Brazil, Canada and the USA by specialists with many years of experience.

Together, the PFIF GmbH team ensures an optimal overall funding concept for international research and development activities. A client has an innovative project idea? We analyze the funding opportunities free of charge and without obligation.


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