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NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute

The NMI conducts application-oriented research at the interface of bio- and material sciences. An interdisciplinary team of 200 scientists develops new technologies for companies and public research sponsors in the areas of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, biomedicine and materials sciences. Since its foundation in 1985, the NMI has become a stable bridge between science and industry. The NMI is located in Reutlingen.

The Institute conducts R&D projects for clients from the pharmaceutical industry, and from the fields of biotechnology and diagnostics. It offers services for pre-clinical drug development, the related diagnostic studies and clinical research.
Our close scientific affiliations and first-class facilities enable us to accomplish transfer services, from basic research to industry and hospitals.

Key aspects in the value chain of drug development:

  • Biomarkers and multiplex immunoassays
  • Proteomics and bioanalytics
  • Molecular and cell biology
  • Cellular assay systems
  • Electrophysiology


subprojects and individual services such as consulting, technology assessment, applying for funding, conceptual planning, coordination of projects, Biomarkers and bioanalytics, Safety/ Tox, Target research, Disease models and mechanisms, Protein and antibody technologies, biological assessment of medical devices, Material and surface analysis, Material development and functionalization, Microsystems engineering and development of micro- and nanosystems


Markwiesenstra├če 55
DE-72770 Reutlingen

Phone: +49 7121 51530-0
Web: www.nmi.de