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naturwissenschaftlich-technische Akademie

The nta-Isny, naturwissenschaftlich-technische Akademie Isny, is a renowned educational institution in Germany that specializes in training in the fields of science and technology. The academy was founded in 1945 and has since earned an outstanding reputation for its high-quality education.

Location: The nta-Isny is located in the town of Isny im Allgäu. The idyllic surroundings not only offer a pleasant learning atmosphere, but also the opportunity to enjoy nature in your free time.
Training courses: nta-Isny offers a wide range of technical assistant professions in the scientific and technical field. These include training courses with a focus on biotechnology (BioTA), chemistry (CTA), pharmacy (PTA) and computer science (ITA). The practice-oriented training places a particular focus on imparting specialist knowledge and developing practical skills.
Teaching staff: The teaching staff at nta-Isny are experienced professionals and experts in their fields. They not only bring in-depth theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience from the industry. This enables students to benefit from practical insights and real-life application examples.
Research projects and project work: nta-Isny is also actively involved in research and development. Through close links with industry partners and research institutions, trainees and teaching staff alike contribute to developing innovative solutions to current challenges in the natural sciences and technology.
Internships and industry cooperation: Another highlight of training at nta-Isny are the extensive internships and industry collaborations. Trainees have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have acquired directly in practice and thus prepare themselves optimally for their future careers.
Graduate success: nta-Isny graduates are highly regarded in the industry and have excellent career opportunities. Many former students have positions in renowned companies or are successful researchers and innovators thanks to subsequent further studies.

The nta-Isny is therefore an educational institution that makes a significant contribution to promoting talent in the fields of science and technology through its excellent education and practical orientation.


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Seidenstr. 24-35
DE-88316 Isny im Allgäu

Phone: 07562 / 97070
Web: www.nta-isny.de