MVZ Labor Ravensburg – Labor Dr. Gärtner

The MVZ Labor Ravensburg, Labor Dr. Gärtner, presents itself as one of the most efficient laboratories in Southern Germany out of the combination of highly analytical quality, expert advice and innovative diagnostic methods. Furthermore, as part of Limbach Group SE the laboratory is connected to the largest laboratory association managed by doctors for medical diagnostics in Germany.

Since its founding in 1947 – as the first private laboratory in Germany – the MVZ Labor Ravensburg offers the whole range of products and services of medical lab diagnostics today: Daily analysis from laboratory medicine and microbiology up to human genetics is rendered under one roof by more than 400 employee. Thus, over 3.000 physicians and 100 hospitals within the entire region appreciate its services in diagnostic, management and consulting at the highest stage of research, development and technology.


Laboratory medicine, endocrinology, microbiology, molecular biology, human genetics


Elisabethenstrasse 11
DE-88212 Ravensburg

Web: www.labor-gaertner.com