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The district of Constance is a particularly attractive location for businesses for several reasons. The district of Constance is also strong when it comes to education with two universities, Constance University of Excellence and Constance University of Applied Sciences (HTWG).

Thanks to the fact that everything is close by as well as the availability of commercial property, real estate and highly-qualified personnel, the district is an ideal place to implement and grow ideas. As part of the four country region Bodensee, the district of Constance offers access to international sales markets and promotes cross-border exchange.

Companies and investors benefit from the synergies created by networks and clusters in innovative areas of technology such as environmental, packaging, nano, biotechnology and IT. The district in the west of the Lake Constance region offers a wide range of advantages not only in the areas of business and science, but also tourism. The Clusterinitiative Bodensee (CLIB) promotes and supports the high potential of the networks and clusters mentioned before.

There are many innovative companies of the life-sciences-area settled down in the district of Constance like Takeda GmbH in Constance and Singen, GATC Biotech AG in Constance, Sensovation AG in Radolfzell and QIAGEN Lake Constance GmbH in Stockach.


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