Labor Dr. Brunner

The Dr. Brunner’s medical-diagnostic laboratory is a medium sized business in Constance, which offers the entire spectrum of the laboratory medicine. The center offers medical diagnoses for both registered doctors and people in assisted living, as well as industry and research centers. In addition, a wide range of individual and personal contribution is offered. This serves the independent health care of the patient. The laboratory currently has in its service more than 1000 different investigations/ breakdowns on modern and innovative platforms. The main areas of the (medical) examinations are the departments of clinical chemistry, hematology, serology, microbiology, molecular biology and hygiene, including the hygiene of drinking water. The private laboratory is extraordinary in scientific cooperation at home and abroad, therefore the range of available examinations grows constantly and with the current state of knowledge.


Clinical chemistry, haematology, serology, microbiology, hygiene, molecular biology


Luisenstr. 7e
DE-78464 Konstanz

Web: www.labor-brunner.de