Kugelmeiers AG

The Kugelmeiers AG is a spin-off of the University of Zurich in 2015. It offers stem cell technologies for applications in the following areas: worldwide 3D cell culture market for regenerative medicine, diabetes treatment, cancer research, drug and toxicity screening, hair follicle cell transplantation for hair loss, 3D bioprinting and much more.

The team, consisting of medical, research and transplant specialists as well as serial entrepreneurs, enables the efficient and safe cultivation and transplantation of cells in the innovative, strongly growing 3D cell culture market with their newly developed multiwell cell plate “Sphericalplate 5D”. This is intended to be a solution that paves the way from the research laboratory to the clinic. The company is based in Erlenbach in the canton of Zurich.


3D cell culture, regenerative medicine, diabetes treatment, stem cell research


Bahnhofstrasse 40
CH-CH-8703 Erlenbach

Phone: +41 78 806 0122
Web: www.kugelmeiers.com