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Under the Investa Real Estate brand, Investa Asset Services GmbH provides services for renowned financial and real estate investors and family offices as well as for Investa Real Estate's own investment properties. Also due to the good knowledge of the respective local markets, the focus is on the repositioning of real estate. Investa Asset Management GmbH is supported by a powerful team of construction engineers and a proven network of external service providers. Even extensive and complex refurbishments or conversions, which are often a basic prerequisite for successful repositioning, can thus be implemented on site from a single source.

Investa Real Estate has been developing and operating real estate in Germany for 45 years. The service portfolio focuses on the project development of high-quality office and administrative buildings, hotels and health centres as well as selected residential projects. Since 2013, Investa has been developing innovative investment models for institutional investors in the area of investment management.


Commercial and residential construction, real estate industry, laboratory space providers, e-shelter security, facility management


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DE-78467 Konstanz

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