INTEX Biotech AG Basel

INTEX Biotech AG Basel researches and develops laboratory diagnostic products, in the field of human diagnostics and OTC drugs. These include various point-of-care diagnostics, such as pregnancy and drug tests as well as tumour marker, CRP and infection diagnostics. Through its wide range of highly qualified and patented products, the company delivers reliable diagnosis and therapy. The products of INTEX Biotech AG are used in clinics and hospitals, medical practices and laboratories.

The CRP (C-reactive protein) tests developed by INTEX BIOTECH AG are used as down-flow technology in rheumatology within cytostatic therapy.


Rapid tests, point-of-care, human diagnostics, OTC products


Binningerstrasse 10d
CH-4123 Allschwil

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Web: www.intex-diagnostika.com