Innotas AG

Founded in 2018, the medical technology company Innotas AG specializes in the development of innovative medical technology products for the consumer sector. It aims to create innovations that can save the lives of people and animals.

Innotas AG is the company behind products such as LifePad® and PocDoc®:

Cardiac arrest can strike anyone. Whether at work, on the road or in a private environment - many first responders are then initially overwhelmed. The LifePad® guides medical laypersons in resuscitation and helps them to perform the correct steps safely.

The PocDoc® system consists of a first-aid kit and an app that interacts with it. In an emergency, the PocDoc® app guides the first aider to the correct treatment by asking simple questions. This enables the layperson to perform correct first aid measures. The system is available for humans and animals.

The development team at Innotas AG, based in Tägerwilen, Switzerland, is made up of engineers, strategists and doctors.


Medical technology, medical devices, first aid, consumables, innovation


Hauptstraße 137
CH-8274 Tägerwilen

Phone: +41 (0)76 817 07 77