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The Health Informatics degree programme at the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences offers research and teaching in the development of information systems for the health sector.

The HTWG Konstanz offers a Bachelor's degree in Health Informatics. Within the scope of the study programme, content is taught to develop, configure, operate and use information systems (including mobile applications) for the health sector. For this purpose, the requirements of users from medicine, nursing and management are included as well as current techniques of system and software development. The degree programme qualifies students for a wide range of tasks that arise at the interface between health and IT through a broad content portfolio from medicine, software development, law, process management, web technology, business administration and medical technology.

A special feature of research and teaching in health informatics at HTWG Konstanz is the direct coordination of content with hospitals, clinic chains and medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers. HTWG has already established a wide range of contacts with the health sector, so that experts from the region are available to discuss current topics in health informatics. The advisory board is actively involved in the development of the study programme, so that close interaction with potential employers is guaranteed. In this way, the study programme makes a direct contribution to combating the shortage of skilled workers in the health industry.


Health informatics, health economics, software development, system development


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