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Hochschule Biberach - Fakult├Ąt Biotechnologie

The Faculty of Biotechnology at Biberach University of Applied Sciences teaches and conducts research in the field of red and white biotechnology and makes an important contribution to these industries in the areas of study and research.

In the field of red biotechnology, the faculty offers a bachelor's and a master's degree programme under the title "Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (PBT)", which focuses on the development and production of biopharmaceuticals. The focus of the Bachelor PBT is on technical microbiology, biochemistry, cell culture technology, process optimisation (fermentation and down streaming processing), quality control and bioprocess development. Biberach University of Applied Sciences offers the Master's programme PBT in cooperation with Ulm University. This means that graduates of the Master's PBT have a degree from both the university and the university of applied sciences, which gives them a good opportunity to do a doctorate. The Master's programme PBT lasts three or four semesters (depending on the extent of the Bachelor's degree).

The Industrial Biotechnology programme deals with bioprocesses for the production of valuable materials and regenerative energy sources. The core subjects include technical microbiology, bioconversion, biocatalysis, process engineering, biochemistry, molecular biology and chemistry. The focus here is on the use of biotechnological processes for the production of valuable materials and the material and energetic utilisation of biomass or its refinement. In addition to teaching, the professors and staff of the faculty conduct research at the Institute for Applied Biotechnology (IAB). Here, too, the core competencies lie in the production process for biopharmaceuticals and sustainable products from white biotechnology. The IAB offers the possibility of biotechnological research within the framework of publicly funded projects and contract research projects - in cooperation with industry as well as national and international research institutions.

In addition, the Faculty of Biotechnology runs a cooperative doctoral college together with the University of Ulm.


Biopharmaceuticals, bioprocess development, biocatalysis, process engineering


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