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Fluxergy Europe GmbH

Fluxergy Europe GmbH, based in Mainaschaff (Bavaria), is a provider of a medical diagnostic point-of-care platform with a multiplexed and multimodal detection solution (including the detection of SARS-Cov2). The Fluxergy system uses patented microfluidics and highly integrated sensor systems to produce a more flexible and cost-effective multimodal testing platform. This includes molecular tests such as PCR, immunochemical and chemical tests, and microscopic tests such as cytometry. The vision of the Fluxergy platform is to detect genes, proteins, small molecules and cells with the same analyzer. Automated sample-to-answer workflows can be customized for specific samples and assay methods.

The platform is ideal for rapid testing associated with Covid-19, such as emergency and maternity ward testing, as well as community testing where rapid turnaround time is critical. Founded in the U.S. (headquarters), the company established European headquarters in Germany in 2021.


Point-of-care platform, POC, multimodal analysis, sensor systems, human diagnostics, veterinary medicine, food safety, environmental analytics


Kreuz├Ącker-Ring 23
DE-63814 Mainaschaff

Web: www.fluxergy.com