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Dr. Mosetter Prinzip - falcento GmbH

falcento GmbH researches, manufactures and markets food and food supplement. The main product is the carbohydrate D(+)galactose. This high-purity specialty sugar is produced in a particularly preserving and constantly monitored process. Galactose is offered as a standalone compound as well as in the form of blended products containing other substances such as creatine or glucosamine.

falcento GmbH cooperates with various universities, institutes and laboratories to sponsor research in the field of glycobiology and the mechanisms of carbohydrate metabolism. The company designs and commissions research projects and finances scientific endeavors. falcento GmbH also carries out basic research in these fields.


Artificial sweeteners, Dietary supplement, Glycobiology, Metabolism


Obere Laube 44
DE-78462 Konstanz

Phone: +49 7531 7141-400
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