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EUGENEX Biotechnologies GmbH

EUGENEX Biotechnologies offers the complete range of services from gene to protein for the industrial production of biopharmaceuticals (cell lines and strain development, process development, fermentation and protein purification of biopharmaceutical products) with specially developed and industry-tested expression systems.

In addition to the production of biogenerics, EUGENEX uses its technology platforms for the development of innovative products (including biological coatings for implants). EUGENEX's other services include the development of HTS-enabled cellular test systems for drug discovery.

The research and service company, founded in 1998 and headquartered in Tägerwilen, Switzerland, has already been awarded the Euregio Innovation Prize three times.


Cell lines, fermentation, protein purification, bipharmaceuticals


Konstanzerstr. 19
CH-CH-8274 Tägerwilen

Phone: +49 (0)7533 - 976 23
Fax: +49 (0)7533 - 976 24
Web: www.eugenex.com