Dr Hans-Helmut Schmidt is a dentist and has also turned to dental sleep medicine and apnoea diagnostics. The dentist practising in Constance is also involved in the development of solutions, among others for the area of "diabetic foot".

In the field of sleep medicine, Dr Hans-H. Schmidt has co-developed a palatal brace (Ronchex ®) to prevent habitual snoring. Together with the company Roncholine from Schaffhausen, affected patients are fitted in workshops in several snoring studios. Dr. Hans-Helmut Schmidt's field of expertise includes the medical differentiation of sick apnoea sufferers with pulsoximetric selection diagnosis.

The dentist's developments also include the Diapedes® application, an already patented hygiene and care device for patients with diabetic foot syndrome (DFS), with the help of which the foot receives better care and prevention under clinical conditions. The therapy and hygiene device also aims to be used in immune suppression applications of chronic crural wounds with a significant saving of resources in terms of effort and material.


Apnoea diagnostics, sleep medicine, dental medicine


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