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CeGaT GmbH

CeGaT GmbH from Tübingen is a leading global provider of genetic analyses for a wide range of issues in medical practice, research and the pharmaceutical industry. These include panel diagnostics, tumour diagnostics, exome diagnostics, single-gene diagnostics and pharmacogenetics. The diagnostics company, founded in Tübingen in 2009 by Saskia and Dirk Biskup, combines the latest sequencing technology (Next-Generation Sequencing) and its own many years of medical expertise - with the aim of identifying genetic causes of diseases and supporting patient care. For research and the pharmaceutical industry, CeGaT offers a broad portfolio of sequencing services and tumour analyses. The practice for human genetics, also in Tübingen, is linked to the company.


Sequencing, bioinformatics, sequencing services


Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 23
DE-72076 Tübingen

Phone: 07071 565 44 55