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CarboCalyx GmbH

CarboCalyx GmbH is a glyco-pharmaceutical start-up company dedicated to the development of novel immunomodulatory biologics through cellular modifications, glycoengineering and targeted immunotherapy. The technologies are suitable for clinical testing in various disease conditions. The company's goal is to develop personalised vaccination methods for patients fighting cancer and to create a repertoire of innovative ways to fight infectious diseases.

The team of CarboCalyx has an outstanding degree of expertise in the fields of glycosciences and immunobiology and merges industrial and academic knowledge as well as business experience in a modern start-up environment needed for innovation.

Over the last ten years, the scientists have built a successful reputation in research, business and technology development. At CarboCalyx, this advanced knowledge has been brought together to create a unique combination of expertise from glycoscience and experimental medicine.


cellular modifications, glycoengineering, targeted immunotherapy, experimental medicine


Byk-Gulden-Str. 2
DE-78467 Konstanz