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Bio-Protect Gesellschaft für Phytopathologie GmbH

Bio-Protect Gesellschaft für Phytopathologie mbH offers services in the field of diagnosis of phytopathogens (e.g. fire blight, Phytophthora spp,), efficacy tests (apple scab, fire blight, P. infestans, etc.) and specialises in the development and implementation of fungicide resistance tests.

Our research is focused on the field of biological plant protection. The basic idea is to combat natural enemies with natural counterparts. In several years of research work, powerful preparations have been developed on the basis of this approach, whose areas of application include the bacterial disease fire blight in fruit growing and fungal pathogens of rot in apples, strawberries, grapes and citrus fruits. The preparations based on natural yeast strains are produced by licensees using biotechnological processes and distributed worldwide.

New developments are designed to combat oomycetes (P. infestans and downy mildew fungi) in potatoes, cucumbers and on grapevines.


Phytopatholgy, biological plant protection, microbiology, fungicide resistance, Phys- Chem Paramter


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