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bings und partner BERATENDE INGENIEURE PartGmbB

Bings und partner BERATENDE INGENIEURE PartGmbB from Bodman specialises in healthcare processes in connection with digitalisation and automation. Competences and fields of application include diagnostics (e.g. radiology) and radio therapy.

The engineering office provides versatile support in risk management, workflow management and the implementation of healthcare solutions, e.g. in rural areas. For this purpose, it offers special staff training under clinical conditions. Holger Wirtz is also head of the medical physics department at the Lake of Constance Radiation Oncology Center in Singen and Friedrichshafen.

bings und partner is considered a lighthouse project for solar radiation therapy. Especially in hospitals and at smaller sites, they support the establishment of RT4.0 subsystems for networked risk management.

Their portfolio also includes:

Medical technology
Medical physics
Consulting (medical physics experts for X-ray, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy)
Project management
Tenders for large medical equipment


ISO 9001-2015, RiskManagement-Analysis-SoftwareSolution Oncology-Care-Paths


Zum Ammistal 7
DE-78351 Bodman

Web: risk40-holger.org