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Büro für Biologische-Ökologische Beratung

The Büro für Biologische-Ökologische Beratung (Office for Biological and Ecological Consulting), based in Constance, offers scientific services & publications with a focus on phytopathology (plant diseases), ecology and microbiology of plant-parasitic and endophytic fungi as well as ecology of reeds in the littoral of water bodies.

The services include, among others, advice on phytopathological issues, support in dealing with ecological issues, assistance in process and product optimisation, data evaluation, literature research, editing and writing of texts as well as publications, but also educational offers such as information brochures, staff training and support in teaching events.


Phytopathology, fungi, consulting, editing


Postfach 10 05 62
DE-78405 Konstanz

Web: www.biologische-oekologische-beratung.de