ATG:biosynthetics GmbH

ATG is a private company founded in 2001 and located in Merzhausen close to Freiburg.

For 20 years ATG:biosynthetics is focusing on computational biology for synthetic biology in Pharma, Immune Genomics and project realizations in this fields.

Their core competences are all around synthetic genes and its cellular, genomic and genetic functions.

Based on proprietary software tools for genomics analyses ATG has two pillars of bioinformatics developments.

The one is comparative genomic analyses for the identification of surface proteins for creating complex molecular designs of high density peptide microarrays (HDPMA up to 200 k – features). Epitopes are an example for minimal genetic function they are interested in. The EU funded project MycoSynVac deals with the screening, identification and evaluation of epitopes on the surface of Mycoplasma spec. lung parasites for vaccine production.

The second pillar is EvoMAGIS (In Silico Evolution Mediates to Artificial Genomes), an in parallel multiple-target-parameter sequence calculation software for DNA-sequence modulations and formal-functional improvements of sequence features. This system is fed with genomics and expression data for one way or iterative sequence modulations of single genes, multiple gene variants and gene cluster BioDesigns. Biochemical gene clusters, regulatory gene clusters and hetero-protein complex coding gene clusters are in our focus. Metabolic engineering analyses of the genetic background supports biochemical pathway engineering.

BioDesigns in this fields are custom tailored sequence modulated physical DNA-sequences (up to 16 kb) like single genes, multiple formal-functional gene variants for gene activity analyses, minimal functional gene fragment libraries

As a CRO ATG also looks for strategic partnerships and outsourcing projects aiming to develop and market high-potential applications in bio-analytics, diagnostic and peptide-based vaccine design.


bioinformatics, bioanalytics, genomics, peptide arrays, pathway engineering


Weberstraße 40
DE-79249 Merzhausen

Phone: +49 (0)7531 - 206 400