Membership benefits

As a member you become part of the BioLAGO network in the four-country-region of Lake Constance. You benefit from cooperation projects between science and industry, joint events, information, further education and public relations. More than 200 cooperation projects between members have already been created in the past.

Need an example? BioLAGO successfully connected the medical technology company Orthobion to researchers at the University of Konstanz. A collaboration that has received special honors at the National Innovation Award. (only available in German)

As a member you gain numerous benefits in the following areas:

Public relations

Becoming A Member, Mitglied werden,Services - Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

You become visible to your target groups (customers, partners, professionals, media and public) – locally, regionally, and internationally. We support you with your external communication.


Becoming A Member, Mitglied werden - Kooperation

Our office supports you in cooperation with science and industry, business services, investors, professionals and media

Knowledge & technology transfer

Becoming A Member, Mitglied werden,Services - Wissens-und Technologietransfer

You receive information about industry and technology trends, as well as access to network partners and projects.


Becoming A Member, Mitglied werden,Services - Veranstaltungen

As a member you can participate in networking events and draw attention to your company, e.g. through lectures and information booths.

Nationwide embedding

Becoming A Member, Aktuelles, Über uns, About us, Mitglied werden - Strategie

The BioLAGO eV is networked as BioRegion in Baden-Württemberg, engaged in BioDeutschland and a member of the nationwide Excellence program “go-cluster”.

Representation of interests

Becoming A Member, Mitglied werden, Über uns, Services, About us - Mitgliedschaft

BioLAGO represents the interests of the life science sector in the four-country-region of Lake Constance.

Support membership

As a support member you can particularly help the network achieving its goals. You gain increased visibility at networking activities and can enjoy extended benefits.

Supporting memberships are available from 1.000, – Euro possible. Contact us!

Membership services at a glance



Support membership

1. Public relations
Company profile on 01_Icon_Pfeil_blau 01_Icon_Pfeil_gruen
Publication of your news / press releases on, in our newsletter * (> 1,600 recipients) and via social media 01_Icon_Pfeil_blau 01_Icon_Pfeil_gruen
Short interview (introduction as a member) in the BioLAGO-Newsletter (> 1,600 recipients) 01_Icon_Pfeil_blau 01_Icon_Pfeil_gruen
PR-service: press releases, organization of press conferences by BioLAGO (cost-related benefits according to expenditure) 01_Icon_Pfeil_blau 01_Icon_Pfeil_gruen
Prominent presentation on 01_Icon_Pfeil_gruen
Mention in the monthly BioLAGO Newsletter 01_Icon_Pfeil_gruen
Permanent visibility in the mail signature of the office team / in BioLAGO info material 01_Icon_Pfeil_gruen
Featuring in BioLAGO brochures (e.g. members list, annual newsletter) 01_Icon_Pfeil_gruen
2. Events
Free / discounted attend to network- and partner events 01_Icon_Pfeil_blau 01_Icon_Pfeil_gruen
Presentation options (for example lectures) at network-events 01_Icon_Pfeil_blau 01_Icon_Pfeil_gruen
Joint events (workshops, press conferences) with BioLAGO 01_Icon_Pfeil_blau 01_Icon_Pfeil_gruen
Optional, fee-based services depending on the effort:
Presentation via Logo Partnership, information booth at networking events, assistance in organizing your events
01_Icon_Pfeil_blau 01_Icon_Pfeil_gruen
Highlighting at networking events (per logo / naming in welcome speeches) 01_Icon_Pfeil_gruen
Mention/ presentation via Logo on event posters (negotiable) 01_Icon_Pfeil_gruen
Free participation in fee-based network Events 01_Icon_Pfeil_gruen

* after editorial review; Life science reference provided

Your path to membership – documents for download

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