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Ariso GmbH - Funding Consulting

Ariso GmbH supports companies in their search for and application for public funding.

This includes, among other things, funding opportunities for:

Business expansion and stabilisation
Participations, takeovers and succession planning
Environmental protection and energy efficiency measures
setting up and securing businesses
Creation of jobs and training places
Staff training, workshops
Export and trade fair participation
Research and development activities
Use of management consultancies
Special programmes and much more...

The subsidy analyses of the Kreuzlingen-based company include subsidies at regional (federal state or canton) and national level in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as EU-wide subsidy opportunities.


Funding analysis, management consulting, start-up financing


CH-8280 Kreuzlingen

Tel.: +41 (0)71 -56 05 33 0
Fax: +41 (0)71 - 56 05 33 3
Web: www.ariso.eu


Andreas Schulz